Thursday, December 22, 2011


School holidays have begun!
I am loving the plod of unrushed mornings, lazing in bed until Baby A is bored in her cot and yells out for me.
Loving sneaking in a bowl of Coco Pops (a school holiday tradition since I was a kid!), sitting back with a tea and watching the three play {or bicker, or tease, or wrestle... it's not always rosy!} or suddenly finding myself standing in an empty house, when all three take the magical steps through the backyard and into the house of our neighbors.
There have been park visits, friend visits, cinema visits, and Christmas preparations.

I am trying to place a big emphasis on the real Christmas Story, with the kids. After all, it's not all about Santa.
Or gingerbread,
Or presents.
But about the greatest Present to us.
I want to instill in them the joy of giving, helping, appreciating, reaching out.
And remind myself too.

Hope your holidays are lovely!


  1. Wow what an action packed first few days of the holidays. x

  2. Busy day! Seems so strange seeing sun glasses and santa!!

  3. What a lot of fun - love the movies pic!

  4. Wow! How did I miss this post! Look at Amies smiles and look a your yummy biscotti!!
    Love that Santa pic by the way!!! xxxx


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