Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Advent!

Just over a year of blogging and look!

this post shows how much my Mr J has grown in a year!
It also shows you where to go if you wanted to make the Advent Quilt, like I did last year.

And last night I stayed up late with this lovely lass and wrote our lists and filled in our tags for our 2011 Advent Calendars!

The free Santa printable came from A Little Delightful, a blog I am loving - Bianca is full of good ideas, and she is the sharing type; lots of free printables.
Like these Advent printables which are super cute, and come already done with some fun ideas for your own advent calendar.

I cut simple tags from brown paper, used doily stamps I bought from etsy, and red and white twine.
Each tag has an activity (in a rhyme! Why do I make things so difficult for myself?!)

ie. Today's activity was 
"Now that Christmas is on it's way, lets write a letter to Santa today"
I know right? But they're kids, they don't care.
As long as there's chocolate.

If anyone is particularly interested in hearing the rest of my silly rhymes, I'll be more than happy to share!
But other activities include Carols, going to see Santa, having a Christmas movie night etc.
There are also activities like baking shortbread to give to our neighbours, buying groceries for the local women's refuge (something our church organises every year) and making gingerbread men for school friends.

Because whilst I'm on the subject of mercy, and giving... we all know that's what Christmas is really about right? Before anyone gets judgey.
My kids know that the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus.
But I'm not so religious that I can't show them the extravagance that I think celebrating the birth of our Saviour deserves.
And it's fun.

Rejoice, okay?



  1. Rejoice indeed! And I love your Advent Calendar activity ideas!

  2. Oooh ooh wasn't it fun!! Best Advent tradition right there...'twas the night before advent and at Em's place two young crafty ladies were preparing and on the case! love you my crafty minx of a friend xxx

  3. Can't seem to download the pdf file, do you know any other way which I can do it? Thanks alot ;)

  4. Hi Anonymous :)
    I have the pdf on my computer, so if you wanted to send me an email, I could email you back with the attachment?

  5. Yay for extravagance at celebrating Jesus' birth x


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