Sunday, November 6, 2011


This gorgeous bedside table.
Spotted, adored, decided against (rationally, of course... it wasn't a necessity!), dreamt about... 
purchased the following day.

The scary thing about buying thrifted pretties is that, by walking away, I am risking someone else getting hold of them... second hand sometimes means no second chances!

Luckily, this little beauty stayed put.
How could I have resisted? I mean... check out those legs!
{insert wolf whistle}

She arrived home with hideous plastic pink drawer knobs.
A quick eBay search remedied the wrong - pretty duck-egg blue of course.
And I didn't need to paint her... she's the perfect shade of antique white, yay!
She's definitely my flea market find of the year!

Pretty please go and check out everyone else's finds... and send Sophie an email to vote for me! :)



  1. She is definitely a looker, brilliant that you could keep the original paint colour too. Loving those drawer pulls in the duck egg blue :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. She is beautiful especially with her modest make over. I love when I do not need to fully overhaul my thrifty treasures. With second hand we really need to listen to our instincts as thrifter's remorse is impossible to treat.

  3. A return-the-following-day purchase is so satisfying and 'right'. Gorgeous little table.

  4. Those duck egg blue furniture knobs can be found here:



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