Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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I attempted jam for the very first time a couple of months ago.

Strawberry, Apple and Vanilla jam, recipe courtesy of the lovely Frankie Magazine actually.
I played with the recipe slightly, and, a few batches later (one with mulberries, yum!) I am very excited to be making sweet jars of jam for a few family members for Christmas.

Of course, they had to be prettied up.

And my Christmas theme this year, if I had one, would be that of natural linens, hessians and lace.
I am a little giddy over doilies right now.
{my husband would laugh and say, "Cough, Nanna"}

And I whipped up these little jar covers, stitched a la Dottie Angel
Rather peachy I think, as Tif would say!

They are as sweet as the jam they contain.

There are a lot of other creative spaces happening over here, where I am linking up today.
It's always full of inspiration, I'd encourage you to have a look, especially if you are the crafting type.



  1. Gorgeous work. Be a nana, loud and proud! :) I think these are beautiful presents. Last year I made my grandparents the cookies I remembered baking with them as kids. They loved them.

  2. Yeah I'm sure my husband thinks I am turning into a nana too. But I love how you give the old crafts a contemporary edge.

  3. Mmmmm jam. Strangely enough I've only discovered the wonders of jam this year, especially the homemade variety. The labels are cute!

  4. I think I spied these the other day when Linda was showing me Instagram...they are so darn cute Em, love the labels :)
    We have enjoyed a bit of jam making recently too.

  5. Who would have thought we'd have the same theme for Christmas??? Shock! NOT! Two peas in a pod :) and I can personally confirm that that jam is DELICIOUS. xxx

  6. GO Nana! I love a good doily (and knitting and sewing). Nothing wrong with Nanas - they were far more creative than many of our generation are I reckon. Strawberry and vanilla jam sounds yum.

  7. Who dosn't love Doilies? That jam looks really good!

  8. Making jam is so much fun! And there's nothing wrong with liking doilies, LOL. ;)

  9. Lovely idea, and that jam sounds yummy.... I also get the nanna jibe from hubby :)

  10. Yum! The labels are very pretty. And nananess is good! I mean they would be bound to know the good things in life after so many years of practice, wouldn't they?! At least that's what I say when my boyfriend teases me about my nananess.

  11. Love the labels and I am sure the jam will be a winner too.

  12. These are beautiful, and such a gorgeous gift idea!

  13. Your jam sound delicious and who could resist with that pretty hessian detail? I too plan to make jam for some Christmas presents, similar to yours but I am going to do either a apricot, plum and vanilla or an apricot, strawberry and vanilla... decision decisions!

  14. You have made the prettiest jam jars I've ever seen!


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