Thursday, November 10, 2011

{18 holes}

I was blessed by some alone time on the weekend. I told my golf-loving husband that it was indeed my turn to do "18 holes" (for those lucky wives out there whose husbands don't play golf, 18 holes can take a whole day!).
I did something I've wanted to do for a long time... you may laugh, and call me a Nanna... I am more than okay with that!
I sat in a gorgeous little cafe, treated myself to a latte (and then a pot of tea!) and a slice of raspberry meringue slice... and some crochet!
My first public display of crochet.

It was bliss.

And as I browsed some antique and second hand stores, I was alone in my thoughts and my prayers went uninterrupted.
A luxury.



  1. Oh yes! Tea and slice and crochet sounds wonderful! Time alone can be bliss can't it, especially when it includes browsing vintage book stores. :)

  2. So lovely for you and such a lovely choice of time alone...

  3. I had my first (then second) PDC a few months back. People are intrigued by it, I found! I'm so glad you enjoyed your own "18 holes". Pxo

  4. Total luxury and what a treat, I hope you enjoyed every moment. I just can't seem to get crochet very frustrating as it looks so good!

  5. That sounds like a perfect day! Nothing like having yourself for company once in a while :-)

  6. I love hinting to my partner that the weather looks perfect for golf in the weekend...then I have time and space to do my own thing without the hovering/stealing of baking/questions of "what are Toulouse doing" and the hum of a ply station game going in the background...ah, bliss!! :) love your blog and your instagram feed Girly! :) come visit mine sometime if you get a chance.



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