Thursday, October 27, 2011

tea too.

I'm a rather big fan of tea.
One of my favourite stores is T2, with their amazing variety of teas, and tisane.

Although, generally an English Breakfast kinda girl (and, admittedly, for me, it just has to be Twinings!) I love a herbal tea too.

Did you know that herbs, especially in herbal teas, can have amazing healing properties?
I bet you did not know that half a cup of fresh parsley contains more beta carotene than two large carrots, more vitamin C than two large oranges and ten times more calcium than one cup of milk! Well I most certainly didn't. Until I started reading Margaret Roberts' book "Tea : Recipes for Health, Wellbeing and Taste"
It's doesn't surprise me that these healing properties are hidden in something Creator-made.
It give me a refreshed sense of awe that He would create plants like Rosemary, which research has found carries a huge amount of calcium, is an energiser, and is known for being an anti-inflammatory... Roberts states: "For the over-stressed, for depression, anxiety, the inability to thrive, to improve memory, concentration, and to restore a positive outlook, to get up and go... rosemary is the herb". Amongst other amazing properties!
Our Creator amazes me.

So, this morning I made myself a rosemary tea.

Here is my recipe, if you'd like to try (and because of the potency of some herbs, I'd recommend doing a bit of research to see if this would be suited to you, especially of you are pregnant).

Infuse a 3cm sprig of fresh Rosemary, a piece of fresh orange peel, two cloves and 1/2 tsp of honey in boiling water for 5 minutes. I used a tea bag, but you wouldn't have to.

It's subtle flavour and the sweetness of the honey was just delightful.

And knowing that it's good for me too? A bonus! (Please excuse my messy bed hair and untamed eyebrows, hehe).
I'll be experimenting more with my love of herbs, and surely adding some others to my humble herb garden!



  1. Give me some Rosemary pronto!! :)

    I do know that people with kidney problems shouldn't consume too much parsley. I used to eat it by the bucket load but with my pregnancies and the problems I was having was told to cause I love it.

    At the moment I am drinking Spearole tea which is great for lowering blood pressure and it's got a gorgeous spearminty flavour. Might have to come browse through that book of yours one morning :)


  2. Hi Em..I do love a tale like this, I am always in awe of what our Creator does! I like to support Aussie tea producers as well.

  3. I love Twinning's English Breakfast tea! So good :) How fun to find the small details of love placed in things such as a sprig of Rosemary; God sure knows what he's doing :)

  4. I love T2 shops...I have just bought home from Melbourne some Strawberry and Cream tea and mixing it with Turkish apple and cinnamon tsane.

    Love the ideas you have about making your own teas.


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