Friday, October 14, 2011


After a year of preparation.
Hard work by an amazing team...
from the vision of my amazing pastor.

It's time for our women's conference!

It starts tonight.

I'm excited!

I love that this vision includes the practical.
Meeting actual needs, not just throwing Bibles at people.
Feeding the hungry, giving shelter to the homeless, reaching out... 
it's the doing of the gospel. The going.
And you don't have to go far to go. You can go right where you are.

Those legs on the right are my legs.
Yes they are.

They're ready to GO!

PS. There's still time to register. Tonight is free.
Email me if you want more details!


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  1. Oh famous on a flyer legs! So cool that there is some practical stuff too that is great.

  2. So exciting! It is so great that it includes practical help!

    I haven't heard about it before. Would love to here more about the conference

  3. Yay! Have a beautiful've laboured hard, now enjoy the fruits!
    Love ya, great vid, great legs, great everything!!

  4. That is so what we want in our testimonies : being able to honestly say we are reaching out to others and not just those under our roofs. Sounds so wonderful, keep us posted!

  5. It sounds amazing!!! Wish I could be there (and yay for your awesome legs!! hehe).

  6. So happy for you enjoy every moment sounds wonderful, love the legs.

    Always Wendy


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