Sunday, October 9, 2011

the beat of spring...

Aaah school holiday bliss!
Spring sunshine, foreshore picnics, baking, playing... holidays are simply not rushed
I love the purposeful slowing down, and freedom from routine.
I love dressing when I am ready, not because the clock demands it.

During one of these unhurried days, I had a friend drop by unannounced.
My living room floor had been overtaken by a five year old and his Lego creations.
Amidst 3 year old dolls and prams.
One year old food-mess adorns my breakfast bar.

It took everything in me not to apologise, and excuse our holiday-mode mess, but do you know what?
It got me thinking ::
Someone has to be real.
I want to be real, transparent.

Nope, my house is not always tidy.
But it is a home where you will be welcome to sit, on a stool at my breakfast bar;
Keep company there, with a cuppa and something sweet.
We can ignore the mess, the kids can play, and we will have genuine, heart to heart connection.
About the joys of motherhood, the craziness of life, and the goodness of God over it all.

[I hope] You will not remember the toy-covered floor, or the breakfast dishes, or my messy hair.

I am refusing to succumb to the pressure to present a perfect exterior.
I have learned to be more concerned with the interior.
Oh, learning. I still like a tidy house, I do.
There is something about a freshly made bed, and shiny sink.
And if you catch me on the right day, you will find them here too.

But, [I hope] you still won't remember those.
You will remember, through our chatter, feeling the beat of those unforced rhythms of grace...
and go on your way walking to them too.



  1. I'm going to miss the slow school holiday pace! Our house is always crazy, I've been told it makes others feel better about their own mess, I'm conducting a service by letting it all hang out!

  2. I love walking into a messy makes me feel right at home. It's those tidy houses with every thing in it's place that makes me feel uncomfortable. xo

  3. Well said Em..I love that your home is always welcoming regardless of whether things are in their place or not :)
    Friends come for the company anyway not to judge you on how you keep your home.


  4. That’s my kind of living a home, where you feel welcome after all the mess of living come with the house that makes the home! I’m always in trouble for going to friends for coffee but playing with the kids on floor. Happy to hear you’re enjoying living on your time and term my friend.

    Always Wendy

  5. Oh I love that we love each other, messy, unkept houses aside!!
    And you know what....I don't pop over to inspect your house. I pop over for a cuppa in a nice yellow cup, something sweet and the loveliest conversations with one of my favouritest friends!


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