Thursday, September 15, 2011


Crafting, creating, being creative? 
It gives my soul space.

And squeezing in the creating of something whimsy and pretty, for me to look at during life's craziness, just puts a smile on my face.

This fabric flower garland adorns my kitchen window. Little splashes of yellow and grey (my favourite colour combination right now!)
It makes doing the dishes/making kids breakfast/lunch/dinner etc so much more delightful!
I found the tutorial here through Pinterest.

Then I stuck a couple of leftovers on kitchen skewers and put them in a vintage bottle.

More smiles for me!

I painted my Ikea chalkboard 'happy home' (don't you love paint names?!)

And really? When I get my creative juices flowing... it is just that!
A happy home!

Linking up here with all the other creative, happy homes!



  1. Oh yes, those gorgeous little delights would make my soul sing too :)

  2. So pretty!! Love how a splash of creativeness brings so much joy. xoxo

  3. Hi Em, I've just mentioned you on my blog as one of my favourite discovered blogs. Please pass on the Versatile Blogger award. God bless you, Cate

  4. Love the flower garland and yes I think the names of paint help you choose the colour. Beautiful words on your chalkboard, you fill our life with good things to my friend x

    Always Wendy

  5. Love your garland and thank you for the link to the tutorial. Can't wait to try some myself!


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