Tuesday, September 20, 2011

snacks and tutus

She is often playing dress-ups.
Twirling in tutus.
She sits here, at the kitchen bench.
With pencils and paper;
or snacks of carrot sticks and crackers.

Endless chatter.
Whatever is going through her three year old mind comes out of her
little mouth.
And it all begins with "Mum?" posed as a question.
An are you listening? are you ready for this? "Mum!"
"You know, when I am wore [four] I will doe [go] to dool [school]"

She will.
And I will miss her, and her endless chatter.



  1. Yes you will but think of all the fun you will both have with this new chapter of her life...she has got so much more living to do and you will get to experience all that life has to offer her through her journey :)

  2. Yes it has also dawned on me how close that is. I say I'm looking forward to it (much due to that endless chatter beginning with - "Mum!") but really it's very scary stuff *sniff *sob. They are getting so grown up!

  3. In a flash the chatter is gone, will be really sad when my last chatterbox grows up.

  4. Just popped in from "Simple Life Journey"... and loved this post. Such sweetness. SUCH sweetness. I can remember ---like it was yesterday--- my girl, twirling and chattering away (actually it doesn't stop, still ---and she is nearly 13!). Treasure. Treasure. Treasure. And, today, I will treasure her 13 year old twirling and chatter! :)

  5. Why is it going so fast?!
    What's up with that.
    At least we can do this together...crying on shoulders when our babies are getting married, and having babies, and all that other fun stuff.
    Unless of course...Ee Ee & Zaccy...we could be grandmummy friends!
    Calm down Stacey....

  6. Absolutely LOVE your blog Em!! You have inspired me to start my own! Thank YOU!



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