Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[the] Story

Do you know what one of the things that completely makes me so chuffed when it comes to my kids? When they display a love of books and reading.
When my children carried those hard or chewable or fabric books around, when they were only babies, I would think: "Oh goodie, they are going to love books, they are going to love reading"... 
Of course, this probably wasn't an accurate clue as to whether they would love to read as much as their mama!
But Mister J so far, has continued his love for reading and I LOVE it so!
It is one of those things I am very conscious about spending time to do with him, to nurture in him.

The other thing that blesses my heart is when they show a love and consciousness for God.
So when the two are combined?! This mama's heart is so blessed!

And this is Joel's favourite book at the moment: 

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones.

It is just beautiful!

I am finding myself looking forward to our bedtime story, all day!
I am tempted to read ahead... but I won't!

The illustrations are incredible.
The way it is written is poetic, and romantic, yet simple enough for my kids to understand.
And O my heart!

I will leave you with a paragraph or two.
And I am sure you will want to read the rest, like I do!
I'm already looking forward to tomorrow night!

"... He gently clothed them and then he sent them away on a long, long journey - out of the garden, out of their home.
Well, in another story, it would all be over and that would have been... The End.

But not in this Story.
God loved his children too much to let the story end there. Even though he knew he would suffer, God had a plan - a magnificent dream. One day, he would get his children back. One day, he would make the world their perfect home again. And one day, he would wipe every tear from their eyes.
You see, no matter what, in spite of everything, God would love his children - with a Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.
And though they would forget him, and run from him, deep in their hearts, God's children would miss him always, and long for him - lost children yearning for their home." 
(Sally Lloyd-Jones, "The Jesus Storybook Bible" p. 35-36)



  1. That excerpt makes me want to run out and get the book. That sounds like such a wonderful read for the kids. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How Beautiful. So glad you shared some! Precious words, precious young hearts, precious love from above- simply delightful, will be getting this for my kids now too, how can one resist?!! Xxx

  3. This is one of my favourite books. My boys and I LOVED it! It made me cry in parts - just beautiful. I love my I see my boys passionate about books and reading too xo

  4. I have just acquired this book for my kids ministry...think it will be spending some time at home with us..to get acquainted with of course! Thanks for sharing.

  5. You have sold me the book, it looks so beautiful. I totally love sharing books with my kids, such a special moment. Not a God book but a very gorgeous one is Peepo by Allan Ahlberg, I have it in Hardback and it is just gorgeous with lovely pictures of a family in war time britain x

  6. We have this book and it is one of our favourite to read anytime.I love that my children and now grandchildren also lobe books. Thanks for sharing such beautiful words.

    Always Wendy


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