Friday, August 12, 2011


We had an adventure the other day.
After a trip to the doctor to check on Mr J's persistent cough, and a lovely morning tea at the cafe next door, we were about to leave the carpark to drive home when Princess E exclaimed, "Mum! My bunny!"
Retracing our steps in my mind, I realised we must have left beloved bunny at the doctor's surgery.

It is fine. The bunny has been retrieved. 
Sigh of relief.

Our little adventure made me reminisce those early days, when I saw my baby girl's attachment forming to the beloved pink bunny, and how cute I thought it was!

Bunny made sleeping anywhere possible. Just a little silky satin on her face, and voila! 

Bunny made the transition from cot, to big-girl bed super smooth.

And bunny made saying goodbye to the dummy, that much easier!

And now, at the big-girl age of THREE... 
Bunny makes saying goodbye to mummy at daycare one day a week much more bearable (for us both!)
Bunny still goes everywhere she goes.
And is most helpful in comforting Princess E when she is tired, or grumpy or sick...
Bunny is still as attached as ever!



    Elsie still has her "Teds" with her everywhere she goes (he sneeks in her backpack to school) we even have international 'Teds' as we left one in Thailand and we occasionally still have tears wondering if a kind little girl has found 'Bangkok Teds' and is looking after him until we can go back and get him.... It will be a sad day here when Teds is no longer needed.

  2. Our children have never had a comforter so it always looks super adorable to me when I see others with one...though I have always wondered how they wean themselves off of it, or don't they?
    You do know she is one of the cutest little girls ever :)


  3. Adorable. And I think, if we were to all be honest, we would find ourselves admitting we, too, have a "bunny"...something we hold on to for security, something that causes us to feel confident and beautiful, something we must learn to let go of in order to mature and enter into our next (grown- up) season waiting around the bend. :)

  4. Hi Em
    Just found your blog. Wow your little one sure is beautiful. My daughter had a little blanket and would never go to sleep without it. My son had a blue bear (still has it in his room)once we had to drive 2 hours back to his grandmothers place to pick it up as he would not sleep, so I know what your saying though love that children love to hold onto things even at a young age.

    Nice to meet a new friend hope you come over and say hello maybe you would like to join my sisterhood love to have you.

    Always Wendy

  5. So beautiful. Mine have never been attached to anything . . . it sounds like it can make some of those tough transitions so much easier.


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