Thursday, June 16, 2011

{my creative space}

My head space has been happy enough for some creativity lately. 
It's been a while, I've often been too overwhelmed at the day to day running of a household; organising lunches, dinners, baby sleep times, activities for toddlers, and housework (ugh!) that I have spent months just staring longingly at beloved sewing machine!

But, creativity is returning, ever so slowly. And the weather has been most agreeing for nights of crochet and crafting. I feel a me returning slowly!

Cheeky tea towels, machine appliqued... these were fun! And I love this waffle fabric in yummy yellow (you should look at Tammi's yummy yellows too, her buttery mugs are delicious!)

And aaaahhhh, crochet. My release after a long day. Lovely husband made me a cup of tea and I hooked to my hearts content...

And some more yummy yellow, testing out pretty coasters!


Joining in with Our Creative Spaces for the first time today!


  1. It's wonderful that your creating mojo has returned and you have certainly not disappointed with these yummy delights. The teatowels are very novel, the colour perfect!!

    And well I don't need to tell you how much I love that little tea cup or those coasters.

    My buttery yellow mugs got dressed mighty fine last night in a bit of crochet of their own :)

    Keep it up Em.


  2. ooh I just noticed your profile pic....LOVE IT!!

  3. Very those scalloped edges they make great coasters!

  4. These coaster look beautiful. Glad you got back into your craft, it always makes me happy. xo

  5. Oh...gorgeous coasters! You've given me an idea for some leftover yarn I have here! Do you have a pattern you can share? If not, off to Google I go! Pxo

  6. great idea and simply pretty!
    found your blog via creative space ..will have a look, it looks great here;)


  7. Such a pretty shot, that pic of the teacup and your sweet little coaster. Lovely! : )

  8. Em,

    Its Jess I happened to stumble upon your blog your stuff is awesome :) You are really talented :) Keep it up

  9. Ooh I love the coasters and yellow teacup!! (missing my pretty teacups in storage) and I'm so impressed with the vintage purse you made! And while I'm gushing the broccoli soup looks YUM :-) beautiful creative posts x


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