Friday, June 24, 2011


A week full of {love}... here's a taste...

A gorgeous cupcake from our women's event... I can't wait till this friend has her website up and running so I can link to it. She is amazingly creative with her cupcakes. They look and taste amazing.
What I love even more was that we had over 180 women - our church almost full of us chicks!

And love that after a day summed up by this photo...

... Daddy had a taste of it too!

I love this boy, and the fact that we got an opportunity to go out together, just the two of us. His sisters are noisy, and demanding. They take up a lot of time. So it was so lovely to have a date, with my biggest little man. It consisted of bubblegum ice-cream, and a stroll down to the jetty. And anyone with boys would know that a stroll consists of climbing, balancing and jumping... 

Don't so much love the 'before' but {LOVE} the after!

 These two decided they were sleeping together on the floor of their bedroom. And they did... until about 10pm when we carried them back to their beds. They are best friends Mr J & Princess E.

And my favourite LOVE of the week has got to be my little apple cosy. Inspired by A Mouse House last week. I just had to try! I am in LOVE. Husband looked at me rather strangely when I gushed over my little well-dressed apple... but it is the cutest apple I have ever laid eyes on!


Linking up over at Kristy's Things I'm Loving. Go and check out all the other loving... or join in! There is always something in your world to be thankful for! I know it! xx

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Oh well... killing two birds... it's how I roll. ;)

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  1. Love that apple cozy - just can't wait to make one (always have wanted to!!). Such a great list - especially special time with your wee man. xoxo

  2. I get your apple cosy's rather cute :)

    So glad you and your little man got the chance for some time's a great way to stay connected and just be in the moment.

    As for your laundry...I took a photo a few months ago of my unfolded and folded pile but was too embarrassed to post it due to it looking like Mt Everest!!!

    Yes Mrs M's cupcakes are to die for delish!


  3. I love the after - if someone else would just put it away for me before it becomes the before again. LOL Visiting from IF.

  4. Visiting from Life Rearranged. Dying over the apple cosy!!! Love the laundry before and after, too. Also, I want that cupcake. ;)

  5. The cupcake look awesome and yummy and the cosy is very nifty. All very creative.. I'm currently trying to make over the little study I have so I'm doing a before and after Unfortuatly I wont be there tonight... I'm still quite sick... I would have love to come and meet you finally in person. Have fun :)


  6. Mmmm, that cupcake looks great!

  7. That cupcake looks yummy & that apple cozy is sooo cute! I also love the one of baby pulling on daddy in the kids do that all.the.time!

  8. The cupcake looks amazingly delish! And the cute apple cosy! So precious! Found you via Paisley Jade's things I'm Loving :)

  9. your apple cosy looks so cute:) I want to make heaps more. just got to find the time!


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