Friday, June 17, 2011

{capturing a moment}

I really love my iPhone camera. No, it's not the best quality, but it's always there! Always in my back pocket, or on the bench, or in my bag. Not like super big Nikon D5000 (which I really should be learning to use!).
Little iPhone camera captures EVERYTHING. And instagram makes the pictures look pretty. I am addicted. I LOVE it. So imagine when I found a link up purely for instagram photos?! I'm sure there are many, but I'm fairly sure I found the best one!
So it's my first:

life rearranged


It seems the girls are featuring:

Princess E and her daddy on the couch the other night. Miss 3 year old woke up with a sore ("wore") tummy. Daddy soon fixed it. Daddies are comfy.

I LOVE this next pic. Baby A.
She's getting all clever and crawling all the way out to the backyard to see what all the noise on the trampoline was about.
She got brave. It was a long way crawl.
But by the cheeky grin and clapping of hands, I'm guessing it was worth it!



  1. visiting from life rearranged. i love my phone camera and instagram too! great pics!

  2. i love the whole instagram thing. fun pictures too! thanks for visiting my blog & for your encouraging words. always so great to meet other women who love the Lord! have a glorious weekend! :)

  3. Sweet couch little moments like that!

  4. hi, em! nice to meet you through Faith Blogs! i love instagram, too. where can i find you there? i'm 'letlovegrow' =)

  5. LOVE the pic of your babe crawling out back - how precious!!

  6. Ah the beauty of modern technology!! Love that shot of Baby A crawling off into the distance.


  7. Hi Em..your sleeping princess looks so comfortable..she has a good dad and just as well the little adventurer has mum minding her back!


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