Thursday, April 14, 2011

A dove grey day

The Autumn chill has come at last, and what could be better to do but rug up under a cosy throw and crochet the night away... and that I did last night.
I love that technology lets us multitask, I had my earphones in during the delightful hooking session, listening to Lisa Bevere's "Lioness Arising". Just wow. The audiobook is even read by Lisa herself - even better!

So, what could get better than 'reading' and creating in cosy bliss? Not a whole lot!



  1. Love!! This weather does make one want to create cosy delights...the very thing I have been indulging lately :)

  2. wow. you can create 3 of those in one night? why is it that when i try to do things like that i can't even finish it. even 1 piece.

    Drei|grey scrubs


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