Friday, April 8, 2011

A big change

This week has been a big week.

Mr J, our big 5 year old, started a new school on Monday.
It wasn't a decision we made lightly, and was one we have been considering for quite some time, since last year, in fact. But the school we wanted him at didn't have any places. Until I had a phone call last week. There was one place available. And we were strongly encouraged to take it ASAP. It wouldn't be there at the beginning of the next term. We made the weighty decision to go for it.
It meant 4 days of preparing Mr 5. Preparing him to say good-bye to his friends, and his teachers, and the only school he has ever known was quite heartbreaking. For his mummy.
Mr J took it all in his stride. He would say "I know I am going to my new school mum" when I would remind him. I asked him if he gave his teacher a big hug goodbye on his last day, "Because, you know you'll have a new teacher next week at your new school" and he nonchalantly replied, "Yep. But I might see her in the shops anyway."

He marched into his new school confident and happy. Only slightly apprehensive when I had to leave him on the mat on Monday, but otherwise happy to be there. To wear his new uniform, to take his new school bag (all of which we had to purchase last minute the week before! Phew, what a rush!) and to make new friends.
Needless to say, I was a mess. Monday for me was spent crazily nervous for him, doubting, second guessing myself, wondering if we had made the right decision after all. And praying that kids would be friendly, he would be filled with joy and peace, and that his love of learning would increase in that new environment.
And new friends he did make. Of course. Confident, happy, a born leader.
So completely grateful!
And he has had a victorious week. Settled in smoothly and easily.
And the verse on my heart all week; Proverbs 19:21.

"Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."

Phew. So it doesn't matter where we decide to send our kids to school, ultimately God's plan and purpose for them is bigger.
I learned to lean on Him, really trust Him for the safety of my son - physically and spiritually!
I learned that kids are a lot more resilient than we think. And super adaptable.
I was proud of my biggest boy, and felt a sense of accomplishment in the fact that I have had a part in raising him to be secure in himself, in who he is.

How blessed am I to have been given guardianship over these amazing little people?!


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  1. Ah, we could definitely take a leaf out of children's books....I was really surprised at how fast our children adjusted moving country and then state. Made the transition so much easier to cope with.
    So glad that Mister J is thriving in his new environment, it's upwards and onwards for him...the sky's the limit :)


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