Saturday, April 2, 2011

Arrr, a pirate party there be!

It was my eldest son's 5th birthday this week and he chose a pirate themed birthday party.
It was so much fun to organise, and admittedly, the most effort I've ever put in to any of their parties yet. Five, I think, is a big deal!

We set up at a gazebo down at our local beach/playground, literally a 2 minute drive from our house. 
And the weather was perfect!

The watermelon shark stole the show as the table centre piece! The brilliant idea for that came from Kristy's Paisley Jade blog and I'm so glad I remembered seeing it when I was shopping for fruit for the party. Watermelon was on special for .99c a kilo, woohoo! And hunky hubby did a fantastic job cutting out cute Mr Shark.

Hunky hubby also drew a treasure map, and took the kids on a big treasure hunt, to find the key, and then dig up the chest... full of gold 'treasure' of course!

And here's what happened to the Watermelon Shark...

Such a great day. Mr J's friends said it was "The best party ever!"



  1. And Mr J's friend's mum has to agree!!!!
    A great party indeed x

  2. haha - such a great job your guy did and what an awesome idea for a pirate party!!! Thanks for the mention - and happy birthday to your little guy!

  3. Happy birthday! One of my boys recently turned 5 and we had a fun pirate themed party for him too.

  4. Pirate parties are always a hit!! Your boy looks so handsome in his pirate gear :)

  5. what a clever mummy! The watermelon was a fab idea!

  6. that watermelon shark head is awesome! cute blog girlie!!


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