Sunday, March 6, 2011

on purpose

I love a good love story. I think we all do.
It's got something to do with Eternity being planted in our hearts - the ultimate love story!

Growing up, I loved to hear how my parents met, and as I got older, I became old enough to hear more of the details. Their love story.

My dad is a born-and-bread West Aussie boy. He spent much of his childhood in the South West.
My mum was born and raised on the opposite side of the country, in beautiful beachside Newcastle.
My mother with her sister, left home at 17 to travel around Australia in an old Kombi van.
Dad, 21, left home to do the same. Hitchhiking.
They 'happened' to meet. Two girls stop to pick up hitchhiking boy. In country Victoria.
It's a little 'seren'dipitous' (an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident) don't you think?
I think know it's a lot more than that.

Anyway. I was probably conceived in a tent under the stars somewhere between Victoria and Adelaide. (I haven't ventured into that side of the love story... definitely a side I'll leave out of my imagination!)
And off my dad went, by this time 22, back to Perth with a pregnant 18 year old by his side.

My parents settled in Bridgetown, with not much more than the clothes on their backs.
After I was born in the hospital of that country town, my mum suffered from what is now recognised as post natal depression. I know she was scared, she felt too young, she didn't think she was ready - and probably wasn't - to raise a child. I know she didn't think they had anything to offer.
And I know the part of the story where she called her parents for help, and they flew her home.
And I know that is where she made the decision to give me up for adoption, and placed me in temporary foster care, for something like a 'cooling off period'. And then she went back to Bridgetown.
I know that this all ripped my dad's heart out, and, a couple of days before the 'cooling off period' ended, my dad made the decision to get me back - with, or without my mother.
And my mum thought, 'Well, she is going to need a mother' and traipsed along back there after my dad.

You could say the rest is history. And it was.
They went on to provide me with a little brother, and we have been a normal, happy family since!
Only. I knew too much of the story.
I knew I was an accident. Growing up, deep down I wondered if I was resented. I worked hard to be a model child. I was a pleaser, in a way. I wanted them not to regret the decision they had made to get me back.
I knew, and still know, that I am the apple of my daddy's eye. I am loved. My mum is my best friend. I can't imagine life without them.

But something in me has always struggled to find a place, and it hasn't been until these last few years that I have found it.
There are no accidents.
"I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born..." - Isaiah 44:2 (Contemporary English Version)
Rick Warren, in his book 'The Purpose Driven Life' says "Long before you were conceived by your parents, you were conceived in the mind of God". 
He had already thought about me. Even before the world was created, I was there, in His mind. 
Wanted. Purposed. 
He knew. He saw. He IS.

You are not an accident either. No simple collision of sperm and egg. You were thought of. Regardless of how you were conceived. Whether your parents planned you and waited in anticipation or whether, like me, you were not as wanted as you would have hoped... you were wanted by Him. 
He waited expectantly, in great anticipation, for this time, this place, where He would have you know how precious you are to Him. How wanted.
You are! And He has a place for you, just like the one I have found.

"The days of my life all prepared before I'd even lived one day" Psalm 139:16 (MSG)


Me - baby Emma-Lee and my daddy


  1. Oh my Em.......

    You are so meant to be!
    You are delicious and I'm so proud of you girl.


  2. Oh Em, my happy, hippy, heart-sis, i adore you! Thank you for sharing x

  3. Em this story is amazing and beautiful just like you!!

  4. Oh Em! All this time I have known you and I never knew. What a beautiful testimony... I am in tears and AWE! Such a wonderful journey with a beautiful tale to tell. WOW! I also LOVE that pic of you and your Dad... it's my fav and just sums up it up. We should have been kids of the 60's-70's... we would have loved it!!!! LOVE you and I LOVE your heart you are just gorgeous!!!! Thank you for sharing it's inspired me HUGELY!!!! xxx

  5. Gorgeous girl you are SO meant to be!
    And seriously- how much does baby A look like you!!

  6. Totally choked reading this. Beautiful story of God's ultimate creation and design in your life. And that pic of you and your Dad is FAB FAB FAB - the love and adoration on his face is so so obvious!

  7. what a precious story and what beautiful writing! Such a joy to read............if you don't mind I will share your story with several people I know who need to hear what you have to say...........God's grace is amazing xx

  8. You all completely bless my socks off! Thanks so much :) xxx

  9. What a beautiful, beautiful story. Thank you for sharing! My oldest son wasn't planned, but I pray that he always knows that he was a special surprise and an amazing gift.


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