Thursday, March 3, 2011

good as new {old}

I am a lover of old. I think it's been bred into me by my parents, my dad especially, who has always been a collector of eclectic, market-y things - like old bottles, and dictionaries, and books and chairs (oh my heart, has he collected some beautiful chairs!) and a lot of things my mother would call junk.
This, combined with my love of pretty things - paper and fabric, and lace and teacups, beachy and country has proved my taste to be pretty eclectic too.

So recently, the solution to my overflowing pantry and kitchen cupboards, was an offer of an old kitchenette from the spare room of my parents house. One they had actually bought a few years ago from my husband's grandmother and I had always joked about being 'mine'.

And out comes the 'French' of my eclectic taste... I decide to paint it white!

Miss E had to be in on the action!

And what a massive undertaking it was.
I learned:
~ I do not like painting. It is too time consuming.
~ I like to see the finished product yesterday. I don't like that there is priming and first coat and second coat and in some spots, a third!
~ Sometimes, although I didn't enjoy how long the process takes, I found it a little relaxing, hiding in the laundry with the new Hillsong United album on my iPod, after the kids had gone to sleep
~ There is ample time to just think whilst painting... and listen
~ I am not a perfectionist. Very far from it.

And the end result is very far from perfect! But it holds a certain charm, and I am quite happy with it.

The photos don't quite do it justice. The paper at the back was from my favourite store. I did have something different in mind (but shhh, it is only stuck there with glue stick so I can always change it later!)

Aaah. A change is {almost} as good as a holiday!
Now to fill it with junk :)



  1. Oh Em, it looks perfect babe!
    Well done.


  2. it looks so lovely, just the sort of thing I do to brighten up old furniture.........great music choice as well!

  3. Em I adore is PERFECT!! I'll be coming for a cuppa next week so I can admire it in the flesh :)

  4. Wow it looks amazing. I'd give you a job as a furniture restorer for sure ;-)

  5. You did a fantastic job!! And the paper looks delicious hehe


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