Thursday, March 17, 2011


My Princess E. Today is her day. Swimming lesson and a fruit and veg shop. Now a Barbie movie for quiet time while Baby A sleeps.

We compliment each other, E and I - it is sometimes a nice way of saying we butt heads! She is stubborn, and strong willed. My husband would laugh and say, "Well I wonder where she gets that from?"
Princess E is also more than generous, so inclusive, caring to a fault (protecting her big brother when he is in trouble by offering to pick up his mess?!) and she makes a fantastic host - you will never be without tea or cake!
For an almost 3-year-old, these are pretty amazing qualities.

And when we share yummy snow peas, she only eats the skin, letting me have the peas inside... Yes, we are certainly complimentary!



  1. You most certainly do compliment each other...she is just as wonderful and gorgeous as her mummy :)

  2. I loves E and U! Two of my favourite girls♥

  3. We love your Princess E too babe!
    And we love you. Xx


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