Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello blogland. I've missed you! Not enough to stop and say hi this week though, sorry!
It has been a good week. A great week. Here's a little wrap up:

My favourite person in the world is now back under the same roof as me and our three. His trip was incredible. Amongst other things, this tweet from my Pastor about sums up their time there:
Believe Cambodia tour is complete. More than 3400 responding to Jesus and 1000's healed and set free... #Cambodia is in Revival

The kids are back to normal - I didn't realise how much him being gone had affected their behaviour. They missed him! (So much that Princess E couldn't leave his side the day he got home and the above photo is when I found her quietly playing Lego next to him sleeping!)

Baby A was considerate enough to save her tricks till Daddy got home. She is finally moving somewhat and has almost got commando crawling down to an art. Check out those scrumptious thighs!

This week it wasn't the weather that gave me a taste of autumn (it's still hot!) but the fact the sun is taking a lot longer to rise... morning quiet times are cosier!

I joined a gym a couple of weeks ago. You will find me there a couple of times a week (my goal is 3!), trying to keep up with my now superfit husband who has lost almost 10kg (marriage weight he's gained in our 5 years of wedded bliss!) and is looking super hot (if I do say so!).

The week was ended with a lovely High Tea (check out the most deserving winner of the gorgeous door prize!)

And THEN a date night. Bliss!

A great week! However this week I've experienced opposition like no other time in my life. It has been hard. More than hard. The weight has been so much to bear. And it has not been fun. But as always the best start to the week has shed some light and perspective. More on that soon.

What a week!

"Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love." 1 Cor 16:13-14


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  1. I've missed you too :) but sometimes you need to take time out to enjoy those you love and just be.
    My man and I have just started working out together...I need him to motivate me and keep me on track, but once I get into that zone I'll be unstoppable.


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