Thursday, February 24, 2011

twirling, dancing

Two girls, in beautiful dresses.
Spinning, hearts abandoned, arms loose. Free to play.
A dream in the heart of a girl.
To be adored, to feel precious.
I love when my husband calls me precious.


I love that this is how Jesus feels about His girls too. We are His girls.
I am his girl.
It's taken years for me to realise. To be able to have a free heart before Him.
I can twirl, and dance along in life, and He looks on adoringly.
He notices.
When I'm cleaning my bathroom, in my daggy old grey t-shirt, still He watches, adoringly.
He pursues His valuable girls, precious, beloved.

And when we fail to dance, when it becomes more like a plod with shoulders drooped? Still He watches adoringly, whispers sweet nothings in our ears. Calling us to watch His unforced rhythms of grace (Matthew 11:29).
And when we stumble?
He still waits, eyes on us. Ready to scoop us into His loving arms when we run to Him.
Run to Him!
There is no condemnation in His gaze, no rejection on His tongue.
He calls you His delight (Isaiah 62)
Don't worry if you don't feel dressed for the occasion. He will adorn you with a beautiful garland... adorn you with His salvation! (Psalm 149:4)

You are worthy to dance before Him, princess. Delight in His delight.
Twirl away!



  1. Oh this is GORGEOUS. Love that He pursues us like a passionate lover. Love that He looks at us adoringly as we dance with Him. xo

  2. You are beautiful Em!

    I'm gonna go get my tutu on......!


  3. Oh I love this! and SNAP - I love that we are so on the same wavelength, I have journaled something very similar recently:-)

    He is The Choreographer.
    He is The Audience.
    He is The Lead.

    Loving the dance x

  4. Em!!!!!!!!!!
    Your words are amazing.
    That is seriously beautiful.
    Nice to be reminded sometimes of how precious we are

  5. So so beautiful. A real revelation of how intimate our relationship can be if we let it :-)

  6. what beautiful writing, so precious and just what I needed to read...........God is so gracious!! will be back to read more xx

  7. Another gorgeous loving the dance of life :)


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