Tuesday, February 15, 2011

throw out the scales

Have you ever had something drop into your spirit so profoundly that it shifts something?
Shifts the way you think, or behave, or react?
The Word of God is supposed to be like that for us - real, and living, God-breathed.
And we need to wash our minds with it daily, constantly, and gradually our hearts follow, little by little.
But sometimes it's not a little by little, it's a BAM! Like all of a sudden the furniture in your mind has been moved and now you don't know where to sit... there? No, that's not a comfortable place now. There? Nope, that old hiding spot has been moved.

I had a conversation last week with a woman who's words had similar affect on my mind. She is a wise one, so full of pearls that I hang on her every word. She has lived. Through some awful tough stuff, she has not just survived but thrived.
So we were talking, well she was talking, I was drawing out her words, her thoughts... I was gleaning.
I confessed my fears about ministry, about the responsibility of pastoral positions, and my worries about my family and role as wife and mother whilst juggling these positions. And I said to her, "Well I guess it's just all about finding a good balance".
Her next words, (although I don't remember them exactly now, my mind was in overdrive) completely floored me. Pulled the rug from under me - in a really good way!
Basically, she said that in everything she has been through, she has put God first. And He has taken care of her.
It was as though a lightbulb had gone on!

So often we talk about finding that elusive balance... Do a little bit here on this side, jump to the other side and do a little bit there, just to keep those scales even. And then the guilt sets in: I haven't read to my kids in a couple of days, or I fed the family with take-out all weekend... or the other side: I haven't 'done' anything ministry all week, I failed to make those phone calls, or check those emails... And we run, like headless chooks, from one side to the other - never really doing any of it well. Trying to make it an even 50 here, 50 there. It's time to throw out the scales.
God says to "seek first my kingdom"
Matthew 6:33 is a verse we all know well, and I usually relate it to money, material stuff... "Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need"
When I seek His kingdom, I will have grace to do everything 100%, not 50/50, strength to keep going, wisdom in my time management and whatever I do will prosper (Psalm 1)
Revelation! If I look after His house, put my priority on His house, then He will look after mine.

Now. I get that this may be controversial. Even I was one of those saying that 'Motherhood is my ministry', and yes, it most certainly is. But I can't use that now as a means to stay safe, stay comfortable.
He is calling me. He has work for me to do. And I'm going to remember Who and what I'm doing it for, and trust that He'll look after my house as I build His.



  1. I love this. I have come to the same conclusion over the last year too. I used to say motherhood is my ministry, and it still is-but only part of my ministry. When I started seeking His Kingdom, my eyes were opened to the multiudes of people inside and outside the church that need to know of His love.

  2. Only one word from me today. "LOVE"


  3. Oh Em I LOVE this!!! And it will be great for me to refer back too when I feel overwhelmed with feeling I spread myself too thin.

    Just want you to know that your words are a HUGE inspiration to me :)

  4. Same from me *love Love LOVE* your work my precious friend.


  5. Jo: exactly... there are women in my world who need Him, both inside and outside His house, and I need to be available to show that love to them I guess. Without using motherhood as my excuse. And without neglecting my family - putting his House first means I have the grace to do an even better job in my own!! Love it!
    Aaah, you girls bless my world!

  6. Ooooo - I am sooooo gonna print that gem out Em!

    "Putting His house first means I'll have the grace to do an even better job in my own!"


  7. BAM!!!!!!!

    The light has defiantly turned on in me. Even has me a little teary at why I didn't see it before.

    I have just taken on more ministry responsibility this year and started to struggle already trying to balance it all with family and normal work. I have read that verse plenty of times but never has it hit me like it just did, with such fresh revelation.

    Thank you for openess it is truely helping me with my walk with Jesus and my ministry.

    As I journey this new season with putting GOD in the centre you my dear blogging friend will also be in my prayers, that God blesses you with His divine grace and capacity to do ALL that He has called you to do.

    Kristie xx


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