Sunday, February 27, 2011

[sweet week]

"Light is sweet; How pleasant to see a new day dawning" Ecc 11:7

How pleasant to see a new week dawning!

Sundays are my favourite. Fresh, new, and spent first thing in His house, with my family.
And also blessed to have a little trip here. Yum! 

Last week, much time was spent with a paintbrush in hand. One project, below, was painting with blackboard paint the big square of plain wood above my stove. And it has lifted and renewed my love of my kitchen once again (shame it can't do the same with my love of cooking).
Change really is [almost] as good as a holiday!
Thanks Tammi for the lend of a little of your paint!

The other project I've been painting is almost complete. I'll share photos soon!

High hopes for the week.
Using time wisely.
Less facebook.
Imagine all the things I could complete if I just set my mind on them?

I am reading 'You the Leader' by Phil Pringle.
There is a 'wow' on every page.

I have been journalling whenever I get the chance.

I have been catching up with some lovely girls (more San Churro chocolate!)

I have been thinking about three questions our pastor asked us on Sunday, in particular - do I know what I believe and why? Foundation is important. 
Do I really know?

I am working on some routine and chore charts... hopefully this will prevent me from being a growly monster when it comes to pack away time, and nagging the kids over the same things each day.
I've been drawing inspiration from here.

I'm orgainising Mr J's 5th Birthday Bash, for next month.

I am preparing my heart and mind for two weeks without my husband when he leaves to go to Cambodia in 9 days. And praying already for the harvest there...

I am ready for a cool change. Perth, can you stop beating all your previous heat records? It is rather unbearable!



  1. I have always been a summer lover, but I'm now ready to say
    "bring on some cooler days!".....

    Love your work, love you, love baby A even when she spews on me in church!

    Xxx xxx

  2. I can hear autumn knocking...cooler days here they come :)

    LOVE your creativity!!

  3. Hehe Linda, it's a sign of affection I am sure! :)

    Love YOUR creativity Miss T x

  4. Wow so much going on. Beautiful post as always. So much positivity and light :-)

  5. I had a lovely day with you : )
    Something we need to do a lot more I think!


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