Monday, February 7, 2011

[Monday's Mojo]

"Monday, monday... so good to me... Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be..."

I found myself singing this, "Monday, monday" all day... and felt like my mother (it's funny how much we end up like our mothers, is it not?!)...
But, unlike some Mondays, who aren't too kind, this Monday was lovely.
Productivity abounded.
Creativity flowed.
Grocery shopping completed.
Washing, hung, dried and folded and put away (I have a bad habit of leaving washing folded, in it's basket, and then living out of it because I don't get around to putting it away - and then it gets messy again!).

So my meal plan was done. Do you use a meal planner? I got this one from Kikki-k.
I've been slack with it over the holidays - who can plan ahead in the holidays, after all?
But, with the beginning of a new year, new school term, Mr J going to full-time school... I am slowly getting back into the swing of things.
My Monday mojo returned. Housework, grocery shopping... self control, when all I really wanted to do was sit and watch the 5 episodes of Grey's Anatomy I just downloaded (and crochet of course!).

But I feel good. It feels so good to be organised. Planning ahead. Not having to prepare last minute dinners, defrosting meat in the microwave at 5pm, making too many little trips to the little store, rather than one big load of groceries! On top of the washing and housework (and planning it to stay this way!!)

And now, for some Greys and chocolate - best combination EVER.
(While my husband sits and studies and prepares and pours over his Bible - he's going to Cambodia with a group from church next month... a big God-change is in the air in our lives, I can feel it!)

Monday, monday... so good to me!



  1. I need some of that mojo you speak of :)

    Hmm meal planning...I have been meaning to start this for, well far too long now, but have never gotten around to it. I think I will take a leaf out of your book and get a meal plan underway...I could even incorporate it into a lesson for Dawson (care to share some of your meal ideas?)

    Greys & choc....LOVE!!!

  2. I think I need a bit of your productivity!! Go you super mum :)

    PS I hope you are willing to share that greys and chocolate!!! ;)


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