Friday, February 4, 2011


"Make praise your habit" Psalm 64:9

Linking up here again

From the top, a few things I'm thankful for this week:

Loving those thighs on Baby A! A healthy bouncing bubba, top of my thankful list!

Princess E was quiet for more than 30 seconds, thankful for new textas and colouring in book from Nannie.

Cookies from Jessica Seinfield's book Deceptively Delicious. My kids love them, and seriously can not tell they contain chick-peas! Guilt free mothering right there!

Super cute crochet coffee cuff. I'm working on a crochet flower to put on the side. Seriously cute. Inspired by Paisley Jade Blog and the pattern link she so generously shared!

My red teapot I am definitely thankful for, but more thankful for the delightful friend I shared a tea with this week. So blessed! It was Lemongrass & Ginger from T2 Tea, with a spoon of honey. Yum!

Thankful for my now pre-primary boy, and the special bond he has with both his sisters. He makes the most beautiful big brother, it warms my heart to see him love his girls - and Baby A is smitten by him and has to roll over to wherever he is. O my heart.

Super thankful for gorgeous sun-shiney weather, and the empty washing baskets that ensued... okay, well empty for all of 5 minutes!



  1. Your 'loving' is indeed heartwarming to read Miss Em...simple joys that soothe the soul.

  2. Beautiful all that is on your list - gorgeous photos also! The little coffee cuff is divine!!! The flower will just set it off!

  3. Lovely photos. Gorgeous turquoise! My fav colour, isn't it delicious?? Love your background and that TEACUP!! xx

  4. Wow I love all your things!! Such cute squishy baby thighs... and loving that teapot!

  5. there is some good lovin' on this post!

  6. Gorgeous images, with lovely sentiments attached. Love Posie

  7. beautiful pics and blog!! Love that shot of the babes on the floor

  8. Hey - thanks for the lovely comments on my blog..i'm sure there'd be some kind of vanilla redbush tea over your way :-)

    What a lovely set of pics on this post - so dreamy and lovely. Look forward to following along with your adventures :-)


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