Sunday, February 6, 2011

creative creator

Getting my craft on... lovely Sunday afternoon

There is something in me that needs to create.
It is an expression of me, this creativity, that comes out in the form of sewing and crafting, knitting and crochet, and sometimes even in baking: making things.

This same creativity, I am sure, exists in everyone, and is expressed in different shapes, and forms.
"What makes you so sure?" I hear you say, "But I don't have a crafty bone in my body" you think wistfully... Well I am sure there is creativity in you!
The Bible says we are made in the image of God.

It's an incredible thing this, being made in His image. With so many facets.
One of these being, of course, creativity!
I love that my God is creative. He is! And we were made to be too!
And my eyes have been opened to this creativity so much more lately.

I drive past the ocean each day.
God created not just the ocean, but each and every colour it holds; the splendid turquoise, the sparkles on a summer day, the moody greys and dark blues when it's stormy, the whitecaps with their churning and turmoil. That breathtaking deep green, like those old glass bottles, still like glass too. It's never the same, always changing, it's beauty shouting of this God of Creativity.
Then there are the sunsets, the colours of pinks and oranges and reds. You name the colour and God thought of it first, he formulated each and every one. We copied them for our fabrics, and our yarns, and our paint - but first they were concocted in flowers and leaves, and sand and seasons...

I see expressions of this creativity in everyone I know. Inventiveness, vision, inspiration, resourcefulness.
In a friend's gardening, and her management of finances in her home. In other friends' creativity in the kitchen, seemingly making something amazing out of nothing! In my mother, and the amazing games she thinks up, and stories she imagines up to tell my children. In my husband, and the way he can see a house in his mind complete, when all I see is black and white stick drawings on a page! In my pastors and leaders, and the creative ways they head towards the vision God has given them for His House, and the people that will one day fill it.

There is creativity in you! And God made you that way on purpose.

And in me. And my therapeutic, chilled-out crochet session on the couch today while baby slept, kids played quietly on the floor, and hubby watches the cricket!
There is something fulfilling about getting my creative on, and that's the way I was wired!



  1. Looking forward to getting our "creative" on with our little project VERY soon Miss Em! And to learning lots from and with you my friend.


  2. I love the way you express your creativity through your writing :)

  3. Loving your post Em. It's sometimes hard to think outside the box that the creativity God gave can exist in so many different ways, not just in art, or writing, or photos or crafting. But in all things we can choose to let His creativity shine through. This was a beautiful reminder :-)

  4. Linda - I can't wait! Going to be very productive, we are!
    Tammi... from the super-creative that you are, thank you! Love learning from you and sharing, LOVE your creativity!
    Meghan, exactly my point. We all let it shine through in different ways, I love the many ways we're wired!


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