Saturday, January 8, 2011

the week-end book


This is what my weekend looked like. In sepia tones. Although, it was much more bright and colourful in real life!
It started with an early (early!) morning coffee date with an amazing chick. At a cafe neither of us had eaten at before. We committed to frequent a different eatery every opportunity we had to 'date'.
Just doing something different was quite dreamy. We ambled through a lovely morning tea, and then a pretty gift shop, and then a quaint book shop - where we both came out with brown paper bags full of beautiful old books, and noses full of 'old book' smell... aaahhh bliss! The pretty old book on the top a gift from her to me, called 'The week-end book' full of poetry and much loveliness. I think I might have to secretly place it on a coffee table in her house in a little while. I think we'll share it!

And then, while I wasn't too happy with the prospect of the rest of my Saturday a widow to my cricket-playing husband, I was joined by fellow husbandless-to-cricket-player wife, my lovely sister-in-law. And she made the afternoon while away like a Saturday afternoon in summer should. I'd forgotten how easy and effortless her company is, and we chatted away the rest of the afternoon whilst building lego with Mr 4, folding washing, playing with Baby A, and endless cups of teas, amidst the chaos of a house full of children.
We fed said children (and ourselves) with pizza, with pretty napkins of course: a lovely end to the easy, sunny day!

And Princess E is enjoying her first sleepover with her absolute favourite big girl in the world, Princess A. Love watching her two year old face look up to her 'big' 4-year-old friend.

Thankful, thankful, thankful.

And the heart is going to bed full tonight.



  1. OK share the name of this quaint little café?



  2. Love that place :: so yummy!!

  3. Sound like complete and utter bliss!!


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