Sunday, January 16, 2011

more memory lane

My parents are clearing out our family home, to sell.
Today they dropped off another stack of boxes.
Imagine my surprise when I open one to find this, my first ever crochet blanket:

I remember making this. I was about 9, or 10. Don't you love my choice in colour? Ha!
It was only the other day I was thinking I must buy some yarn and have a crack at another blanket or two...
Princess E has since adopted it for her pram and dolly.
She is quite attached, and I am quite chuffed really!



  1. How special that your little princess has claimed it as her own!!

    I really need to get started on one too if I'm to have it finished in time for winter :)

  2. I love crochet!!! Can't do it though : )

    Isn't it beautiful that your parents have kept all this stuff. This is why I have a problem when it comes to clearing things out. I have always wished my parents had kept a lot of my things from when I was young. But I guess they did have 5 kids. If they kept all our things they would have needed another house for it.

    Very very special though♥

  3. Oh so special indeed.. and how lovely is it to have lost 'treasure' recovered:) I love that Princess E loves it too! Precious!


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