Friday, January 7, 2011

may I?

The only thing I can liken my mind to at the moment is a swinging pendulum.
It swings one way and oh! There is a thought!
Before I get a chance to reflect on that thought, ponder some more, it's gone; the pendulum has swung again. This time in a different direction. Oh! There's a good thought!
Can't capture that one because it has swung again.
My little notebook is getting a work out. Some ideas are apprehended nicely. And scribbled down.
Others fly off, in the distraction of the next thought/the ever mounting washing pile/the 4 year old who wants to play/the two year old who wants to cuddle/the baby who wants to be fed, and all that's in between.
Maybe it's because I am placing more emphasis on catching these thoughts in my mind, to write. Seeing as my year's goal is to write more, and well! And to write, should begin with one idea. Not 50!
And until this brain of mine calms itself down and stops seeing inspiration in every facet of monotonous daily life... I am probably not going to make a lot of sense!

THIS however, is from my future sister-in-law's new blog; she is more like me than I realised, and amazing with words, and super inspiring... and this thought, has been captured by my busy little brain and is being pondered on:

may I be I is the only prayer—
not may I be great or good
or beautiful or wise or strong.
                                                                    E. E. Cummings

The thing I love about poetry, is that it is so open to interpretation.
It seems to speak to us all, wherever we're at, differently.
Evoking with it's light and shade, our own light, and shade.

May I just be I. 
Not a carbon copy of someone else. Not a reflection of someone else's ideas or likes and dislikes. But completely me. Authentic and genuine. Transparent even. 

What I love, is that we are not all one thing. The great are not only great. The strong, not simply strong. We all have shades of beauty, pearls of wisdom, goodness to share, and strength to gain from each other.

'Me' seems to be a running theme on this blog. Seems a bit self-absorbed, but I promise that that isn't me. Just comes out a bit in this blog. Maybe it has been in my head a bit lately... all these 'who am I?', 'what have I to offer the world?' kind of questions.
Must be a season of discovery.
There's nothing quite like the discovery of this 'I' that is me!

Thanks Miss Victoria, for the inspiration this poem provoked!



  1. The fact that no two are alike is what makes our world such a wonderful the uniqueness in each and every face I know.

    Quite often we lose ourselves in the humdrum of life and forget who 'we' truly are. I am trying to find who I am after wearing my mother/wife/friend/sister/daughter hat for so long and forgetting to nurture myself.

    Your blog definitely isn't self-absorbed dear one, I love that you make me take the time to think about who 'I' am, you express the words that I think alot of us mums/women feel.

    Bless you

    would love to know the name of your sis-inlaw to be's blog.

  2. Firstly - loving the new look! Very you!!
    Secondly OH MY GOODNESS - I SO relate to that pendulum metaphor you speak of. I was actually just logging on to blog about it when I decided to first check out what was happening with you folks.
    My brain has EXPLODED with this whole business idea. Tax, websites, business, machinery, materials, $$$, design ideas, products, products and more design ideas. Oh my - I'm working out my brain like it hasn't in 3 years and I'm not sure it was completely ready for the challenge. But it's all good fun. I think. LOL...

  3. That is a great quote. One of the things I love about blogging is it gives me a place to just be me, and explore what that means. It's great to be able to read other people's stories too, as we all try to figure it out.

  4. Love this post! (And not solely because i'm mentioned in such a wonderfull light)

    Completely relate to the pendulum also, i don't have time to write down ideas and thoughts before the next one comes along too. But isn't it great sometimes? Occasionally its fun to feel like you can explode with ideas, especially when other days you can wake up with nothing in there and your willing something inspiring to happen.

    Your blog has the same effect on me as when you wrote down daily the things you were thankfull for on your facebook and i love it!



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