Friday, January 28, 2011

knit one...

Ooh the scandal of a second post in one day!
But I had to share... I have been hit with the knitting stick!
After sharing my love of crochet with the world, some lovely friends have jumped on the wooly bandwagon, and one savvy crafty chick sent me this link and said, well if we can crochet, why not this?
So, this clever knitting cookie came around for me to glean the skill of knitting, in exchange for helping her to brush up on her crochet expertise.
A lovely morning all round, she bought a pretty plate full of home made melting moments, and over a cup of tea (and my kiddie chaos!) shared what we could.
The above is the beginning of my attempt.

That said.
I love that we can embrace the cleverness in each other. Appreciate that we all have goodness to offer and share. Share tips and tricks, shops and spots, ideas and inspiration.
Why not? Instead of fearing that it will take from ourselves, instead see it as a way of being enhanced! And enhancing each other.
Selfless and giving.
The wisdom of Mr 4 reminding his little sister: "Sharing is caring!"



  1. OOh Em love this!!! Love to be enhanced and to enhance others....what a lovely way to put it :)
    Had a ball getting groovy with you and look forward to doing a bit of everything else you mentioned with you!!
    mwa xx

  2. You two are so clever. Is there no end to your awesomeness !!! xxxx

  3. Can't wait to do this and our other project!



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