Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits

Inspired by my friend Kat, over at her blog, here are some Tuesday Tidbits I thought I would share!

::: As you know, I've been a bit dumpy of late. And I totally did not deserve anything from my sweet husband, let alone a beautiful Pandora charm (a teapot, yay!) and a cute card. But this is what he came home from work with today.

::: Plus he was totally forgiving to the fact I had no dinner organised, and took us to the Dome for tea.

::: I bought fabric today. Delicious! I also dipped a couple of toes in the ocean, and lunched on the beach with a friend.

I love those adorable fat feet!

::: My kidlets kept their room tidy today, except for the Lego on the floor, which I don't mind so much.

::: I suddenly had the realisation the other day, that Princess E's name (Eden Emily) has finally grown on me to the point where I really love it. Eden. Yes, just right. It's only taken me two and a half years!

::: I am staying in the Word. It is the cure for my dumpy soul. It is getting less and less dumpy. Really, I just like saying dumpy, ha! No really though, my one year Bible plan works a treat (will share about that later)

::: One of the reasons I've been a bit sooky is this:

This is the home I grew up in. We moved in when I was 4, my brother a tiny baby. A little bit hard, it will be, to see it go. (I feel like Yoda, I do!) But thats the beauty of a journey... it keeps going!

::: This is what else I have been getting up to, mostly late at night when I should go to bed...

Crochet. I found my hook the other night, and some yarn. And off I went. It was surprisingly easy to pick up again, like riding a bike! And it is addictive, I am hooked (pun intended!)... I am especially loving the little heart bunting. Oh I do love a good bunting!

And there, I will leave you with that. Some tidbits from my Tuesday...



  1. Sooooo - how did you do the love hearts babe?
    And is the brown one mine and Beth's attempt!?!?

    Love love your writing my girl (almost as much as I love you!)


  2. How thoughtful of your hubby, Em. That is just beautiful! I love the teacup charm pendant too - that is even more thoughtful for a guy to think of! :)

    Definitely is hard selling a family home you have grown up in. I still think of mine often and when im in the area, i do a drive by! I always say, if it goes on sale, id buy it! lol

    All the best with the crocheting as well! I have never done it before, looks tricky!


  3. I am so jealous you have a husband like that!
    Your brother better match up BIG TIME!

    Such a horrible feeling selling the house you have grown up in. It will be missed a lot (by me too). Those days of treking it to Armadale are almost over for the both of us.


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