Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[in the moment]

Another one of my New Years 'resolutions' (goals, dreams, lists, plans!) is this:
To live in the moment.
I've struggled with this, and I'm sure it is something I will have to make that conscious decision daily to become good at. 
I am busy, we all are.
It has become so easy to get distracted, especially with technology: facebook, twitter and now the world of the blogs... I could easily be suckered in and spend all day on trusty Mac, reading and blogging, and looking, and interacting. 
Or get distracted with all the doing
I could ignore that little 4 year old voice that says, "Mum, you wanna play with me?", or the 2 year old voice saying, "Watch mum!" excitedly when she's learnt something new. Or just sit with that cute baby next to me, too engrossed in what I am reading, to pay attention to her coos or follow her eyes to see what captures her attention, and just delight in the gorgeous bubba that she is...

Don't you hate when, in conversation with someone, they are distracted, antsy, and seem like they're disinterested. They're not in the moment. And you don't feel important.
I'm guilty of this too.

Or that other voice. That says "Don't worry about those dishes Martha, come and sit at my feet... I want to tell you something, I want to take those worries, I want to ease that troubled mind, I want to love on you..."

I have been guilty of all these before. Of course. We all have!
What have I missed out on by ignoring, by letting the 'self' voice be stronger than those other, more important ones? By giving in to distractions? And all those things that aren't really all that important... are they?

I am making a more conscious effort to stop. Stop what I am doing. Stop and listen, watch, be completely involved and immersed in where I am in the moment.

I will live in the moment. Each and every one of them!



  1. So true Em. Wont be long and our little ones will be big ones and we will be missing these days. ♥

  2. Definitely so true. I've also been making a conscious effort to stay in the moment- especially where my kids are concerned. But by the same token I think there will always be that little voice of mothers guilt which will always feel like its never enough. Just the way we're wired I guess! Xxx

  3. Gosh I am another that is guilty of this at times...but likewise I am trying to consciously live in the moment while I can.

    Love your posts Em, such food for thought

  4. Love this!

    So often we miss the little things, the memory making moments and opportunities right under our noses..



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