Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Isn't it good to know that you are where you are meant to be? Maybe you didn't get there the ideal way, you probably (like me!) made mistakes along the way, flailed along a bit, made it up as you went along, sort of.
My journey is made up of a lot of detours off the right path. It's a narrow one, that old path. Can be bumpy at times, but it's always well-lit.
I got here through mistakes, set right. Another mistake, that one set right... keep going, keep walking. With candle in hand, only illuminating the area immediately ahead, but once that step is taken, I can see the next firm place to set my foot.
Which brings me to here.
(Which makes me think of the Who's in Whoville chanting "We are here, we are here, we are HERE!"... yes, Horton is a favourite book in our house!)
Here is where we are meant to be.
Here is a little daunting, a little scary.
Here is a bit of a precipice, an edge.
And 2011, I think, is going to launch us off this edge into the 'great' we know He has for us, into doing all He has for us.
We'll jump, holding hands of course.
And my prayer is, that in all the doing... we don't forget to be.

"By your words I can see where I'm going;
they throw a beam of light on my dark path" Ps 119:105



  1. You have pretty much summed up my journey Em, but there are no regrets as things always happen the way they do for a reason and it's all about learning and growing

  2. Oh how I love that He works everything together for good for those who love Him & are called according to His purpose!. ..and you my girl are just that! Not only called but also anointed. When you write, it's anointed. You are also extremely talented, that's plain obvious and I love seeing your creativity at work, but talent is one thing and anointing is another, you my girl have both! What you put your hand to this new year will prosper and bring life and light to yourselves and others because you are anointed to do so:) An exciting year, now jump- woohoo!!! xxx

  3. I love how we are all at different stages in this journey. And at the same time all where WE are meant to be! I love the creativity & giftings all us gals bring to the table, each as exciting, incredible and lovely as the next! Even though the year may have started interestingly Em, the ending will be superb! Love ya stuff miss xx


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