Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a suitcase

"You've got your scars and you've got your birthmarks. 
You've got Toronto hiding on your hip honey.
You've got your secrets,
You've got your regrets,
Darlin' we all do"
- Brooke Fraser, 'Betty' Lyrics

We all have memories that we'd rather not dwell on. Places in our past we'd rather not revisit. Usually not for any other reason except that it evokes a massive inward cringe. I am cringing! The problem with always having kept journals (and I mean always, as long as I could write, there was a 'secret diary' being kept!) is that those memories are right there, plain, for all (at least me!) to see.
And you can't judge your eleven year old know-it-all self or tsk, tsk, tsk at the fifteen year old boy-obsessed girl you once were. But it would be nice if it was all only in memory, not on paper. Some is laughable, some lame, some downright embarrassing.
But when my parents, who are cleaning out their house of 22 years, bring a vintage suitcase full of old journals and photos... all I can do is the inward cringe and think, "Oh God, why did I have to write down everything?!"
So cringe I will, and embrace my inner nerd. And why not share it with the world:::

Always and forever have loved the written word... Glad not to always be an awkward 12 year old!



  1. Em, embrace these memories for they make you the person you are today.

    Particularly love the well-loved and worn look of pics 2 and 4...they tell a story of a girl who treasures the written word...they are a little piece of your history.

  2. Oh lovely Tammi you are too sweet.
    Aren't they funny though, all the things that make us who we are?
    Embraced indeed!

  3. Hey journalling is not nerdy!

    It can be such a great thing to do (helped me do somw major gardening in my heart.) As I wrote down my thoughts and feelings and read them back and it became clear what were lies and what were the truth.

    So glad you dropped by my blog today. Nice to 'meet' you. I love your photos and I'm sure your words will impact many in His name.xo

    PS - love that song by Brooke Fraser ;)


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