Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O my heart

Hotels are fun.
Especially nice ones, with nice rooms and space, and TVs with movies, and baths with bubbles.
Baby A even likes our hotel room, and a special cot just for her.
I love watching them sleep. Mr J and Princess E are sharing a double bed.
They are lying all over each other.
And O my heart, Baby A you are beautiful!



  1. haha - we are so on the same wavelength...I was having a moment in the wee small hours of this morning thinking, 'Could there be anything more beautiful to gaze upon than the face of sleeping babies?' I think not! Bliss to any mama's heart and a touch of heaven right before our eyes x

  2. I love watching my babes sleep. In that moment it's as if they could do nothing wrong, that whatever has happened during the day no longer matters. Such a special moment


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