Tuesday, December 28, 2010

musings of an earlybird

to think or meditate in silence, as on some subject.
to comment thoughtfully or ruminate upon.
cogitate, ruminate, think; dream.
ponder, contemplate, deliberate.

Much of twentyten for me was spent in anticipation. Of babies, of breakthrough, of braces off, of a holiday.
Much was spent building relationships: a girl weekend in Sydney for the Colour Your World Women's Conference. A women's retreat with the girls at church. New friends. Lots of cuppa dates; (Lots of tea, and baked goods!). None of those cuppa dates were time wasted.
Much was spent sharing my love of sewing.
Much was spent welcoming baby #3, and even more was spent feeding (and less was spent sleeping!). And watching my family evolve, quite naturally, into a family of five. And loving every moment.
Much was spent as the ear, and the shoulder, for those that twentyten wasn't too kind to.

Much of twentyten was spent yearning for a clear God-voice, and God-touch. There were moments, but to be honest, it was pretty dry.
It was a year of perseverance. Spiritual perseverance; when I felt I could have shut down, and given in to that feeling of discouragement, given up.
Financial perseverance. Even now.
Relational perseverance. Friendships are always worth persisting with.

Hindsight can be a friend or foe, but this year, hindsight says that regardless, I am stronger for the journey.

A tweet, by Brian Houston, has been playing on my mind:
"My prayer for you today, is that you will address the unresolved issues of 2010, enabling you to enter 2011 as a new era!"

I will not bore you with my list of New Years Resolutions. You probably have many of the same: eat better, exercise more, shed that last stubborn 5kg etc. And the rest.
Much of my resolve for 2011 are upon issues of character. More outward focus, less insecurity (2 Timothy 1:7 has been my meditation), less busy-ness and more business (this... really spoke to me!)...
There are many resolutions. It all comes down to making the year count.
Count in my marriage, my mothering and my ministry. Probably in that order. Not a lot else matters besides.
Oh yes there are the others: writing, crafting, blogging, baking, photography, surfing, piano, reading. There aren't enough hours in the year! But I'm sure all those will squeeze into the little nooks and crannies of my days.

"If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves" Maria Edgeworth

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  1. Em your words speak my mind...and whisper what my heart says and feels. Twentyten was defintely a year of adversity and perserverance for me but I enter twentyeleven a better and stronger women, mother, wife.


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