Monday, December 6, 2010

life in lists

I love a good list or two. Whether scrawled on the back of a used envelope, or hidden in my journal, there are lists in my life for everything. I often have them running through my head; usually things I need to remember, especially now, traveling with three little ones! It is amazing how many things I can stuff into a bag!
At the moment though, the lists on my mind are my 'love lists'. Things I am thankful for, happy about, things that make me smile.

"And let your living spill over into thanksgiving." Col 2:6 (Msg)

So at this particular moment this is my {love list}

1. Family. Particularly my grandparents... they were impressed with Mr J, adored Princess E and delighted in Baby A, and they were very much loved back by us all! It was so lovely to spend time with family we don't often see. There is just something special about those tied to us by blood, they seem to piece us together, and say 'Look, you had a beginning, and there is a place for you, you are a part of this' - even if we do live on opposite sides of the country.

2. Traveling. It opens my eyes, gives me fresh persecutive, seems to awaken something new in me - I think it's being away from the everyday, from all the 'musts', from others' expectations (and my own), that gets me back to 'me'. I think change just comes from a lift of the eyes... and being somewhere new is a good way of having them lifted!

3. Raspberry red! Specifically my red bag (a Country Road splurge!) which is currently jam-packed with everything I might need en route from Newcastle to Sydney town; including Sophie la Giraffe, dummies, nappies, a Nintendo DS, play teacups and lots of snacks!



  1. What can I say - life with you is on my 'love list'! So glad you are basking in some cherished family times, re-awakening areas of 'you' and enjoying a fresh set of eyes like Mrs Potato Head:-) all with a lusciously full red bag of course!! Precious times my girl, glad you are making the most of it....oh and my teapot awaits your joyous return!! xxx


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