Friday, December 17, 2010

hello Christmas, you are yummy!

Christmas in our house is looking merry and bright. It smells like pine.

It is fresh and Christmassy. I love that the smell of a real Christmas tree each year is being embedded into my children's senses, that one day, when they are older and smell the scent of pine, a childhood of Christmases will come flooding back, along with all the memories we are making right at this moment! Memories of delight at advent calendars with yummy treats (today's treat was a handful of
chocolate freckles wrapped in brown paper and twine), of playing, reading and drawing nativity scenes, of Christmas lights on houses, of evenings with friends and family, and summer holidays, with swimming and beach sand and long full days of fun! Of baking and making and wrapping and gift giving - a grand celebration of the birth of our Saviour.

Oh rant-y again!

Just wanted to share this... a wonderful gift idea, comes already tested and recommended by a lovely friend. I have always wanted to try the cookies/muffin mix in a jar gift, and had I known how easy and effective it is, I would have done them long ago! A handful of my friends are receiving these from me. Jars $5 from Ikea, they make a cheap, easy, but super sweet gift that I would love receiving!

Christmas at our place smells and tastes yummy!


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