Thursday, December 16, 2010

bedknobs and random rants

"In peace I will lie down and sleep,for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe."
Psalm 4:8

So, after years of trying to find an original, pretty vintage bed, I had to settle with a reproduction - they just didn't make them king sized back then! I ordered this pretty, antique white, iron bed back in September. It is our (fifth!) wedding anniversary present to each other. It finally arrived yesterday. And today, was put together by my hunky hubby. (I am not going to mention the cussing I heard from the bedroom while said husband assembled said bed.)
I am in love with this beautiful bed, and new linen. Said husband? Think he is pretty happy with it too, he's already snoring!
I should be sleeping too, but I am day(night)dreaming about dreams and plans and hopes. Inspirational late-night conversations with beautiful, creative, God chicks tend to do this to me, and I had such conversation tonight. My heart is full! How important are friendships like this? After all: Proverbs 13:20 says "Walk with the wise and become wise..."
Walk with the lovely, kind spirited, humble; and they rub off on you! I want to surround myself, and am blessed to be surrounded by those who can speak into my life good things, the ones I Ieave a conversation with and feel like I am full of fresh air, bursting with hope and God-dreams. I want to be that person for others too! Full of encouragement and positivity, life and hope. How important who we walk with in this life!

Aah, on a less rant-y note: loving the craziness of Christmas, feel almost prepared with the gifts, and my children's rooms are freshly organised, clutter and junk free (thanks to some more Trofast tubs with lids from Ikea), have some shortbread baking to do, looking forward to a beachy catch up with special old faithful friends in the a.m, am enjoying a slightly different view of the sky from my new bed and am now going to ask my brain if it would kindly turn off so I can sleep!



  1. We must be on the same wavelength tonight! On the friend issue that is. Had a revelation tonight about friends who uplift me and don't make me feel horrible about myself. And limiting time spent with those who have the opposite effect on me. Great minds! 2011 is going to be a great, new year full of positive, encouraging relationships!! xx

  2. Delurking to make a comment :)

    What a very touching certainly spoke volumes to me and I can identify with having a full heart that is blessed with genuine friendships...something that I have been yearning for since moving to Perth in 08. I feel contentment and thanks for all that I have received, especially of late and am learning to let go of destructive relationships.
    May 2011 bring you all that you seek :)


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