Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quilted Advent Calendar

My latest complete project was a big one, but I've wanted to make an advent calendar since Mr 4 was born. This year, with my newly set up sewing nook, I thought I could possibly undertake a bigger project - no packing up/setting down to do mid-project meant I could sneak back to it at any spare moment! And, surprisingly, it took no more than about a week and a half, and I even had to learn the art of stippling in between (thanks Kat!)... I used Elizabeth Hartman's Advent Calendar Pattern and could not have been more surprised when I found some of the same Michael Miller fabric at my local Spotlight here in little Western Australia!

I am definitely an amateur at the whole quilting thing, but so effective nonetheless...

Admiring my work before the binding went on...

And the messy nook, that says 'productivity' all over!

And the finished product, ready to be filled with goodies for December 1st! I think I am more excited about Christmas than the kids!!



  1. LOVE this my crafty little minx! Just beautiful! I love Christmas too and I can't wait 1st December!!

  2. Advent calendars are so for the mummy's me thinks!! Looks great :)


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