Thursday, November 25, 2010

food for the soul

Writing isn't the only passion of mine, although I wish it was, so I could devote my all to it! I am an avid (amateur) sewer and crafter. When pregnant with #1, I was determined to make him/her a quilt. I can't even remember where the inspiration came from, although I vaguely recall flicking through quilting magazines with my mother-in-law. No sooner than I had made the decision, I had picked out a pattern and fabric from the local Lincraft store and began... a month or two later, for Christmas, I was presented by my husband and in-laws with the cutest little Janome sewing machine! By February the quilt was complete, and my love affair with all things fabric was concrete!
Of course in the blur of all things baby, the first few years of marriage, building houses and moving several times, my precious little machine wasn't always at my fingertips... NOW he takes pride of place in a 'nook' I have set up in the lounge room.

There is nothing more satisfying than the completion of something pretty, something for a special someone, or something functional. All those somethings created by me! And, unlike housework (with a 4 and 2 year old around!), it doesn't get undone 5 minutes later. It is a permanent trophy, a reward, proof of time (well!) spent.
This is no way near capturing how I feel when I sit at my little green chair (a verge-side find collected for me by my dad) at my beautiful desk (recently presented to me by the best man in my life!)... It is just good for the soul.
Tonight I had a taste of this goodness when I whipped up two little oilcloth lunch bags, from this fantastic tutorial, that I have filled with home made shortbread, for my Mr 4-year-old's teachers tomorrow. It is his last day of kindy!
There is nothing quite like the frivolity of sewing with friends!

Especially when said sewing is accompanied by tea and shortbread.

Can't help but be proud of my productivity today!


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