Sunday, November 28, 2010

books, a latte and the sisterhood

Unfortunately, we of the female type are often known for some, shall we say, gender 'flaws'. From the age of about 4, or even earlier, we all have been subject to the 'typical' bitchiness (I know it's not a nice word, but there's really no other that describes it!), the gossip, the "I'm not your friend anymore, I'm her friend."
We ALL know how it feels, we all suffer from the same insecurities (it seems these gender flaws all stem from some kind of insecurity... Now, I don't have a phd on the subject, but I am a girl and I write from personal experience) and we all at some point have been the gossip-er, and the gossip-ee...

But today, I loved. Today a lovely group of girls in frocks sat around a big long table, in a quaint book shop/cafe to celebrate a birthday. I watched us at our best: fun and cheeky, kind and generous. We laughed, we ate yummy baked goods and drank copious amounts of tea (and fizzy, it was a hot day today!).

Us girls, we are pretty amazing. We are wives and mothers, sisters, friends, daughters. We often have the weight of the world on our shoulders, yet we go out of our way to lend a hand, or make something special (like our beautiful grown-up girl party bags today!), or simply buy someone a cup of tea, even if we're kinda low on funds till pay-day.
We, at our best ARE the elusive Proverbs 31 woman. The one who is "quick to assist anyone in need", who always says things of worth, and has kindness on her lips... And my favourite: she always faces tomorrow with a smile!
She is the kind of girl who loves, who puts others first, who's never spiteful or judgemental, who only speaks words that build up not tear down. One who looks out for her sisters.
She is the kind of girl I aspire to be.
And just imagine the kind of unreserved friendships we would have with our fellow girl, if we all honored each other and loved with a grace like that.
I love witnessing the sisterhood the way it is meant to be!



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