Thursday, November 25, 2010


I spent the morning in Mr 4's Kindy class. I loved being a fly on the wall, watching.
Thinking about how this season has drawn to an end. The season of me being mummy to my Mr 4, at home every day. How it seems like yesterday he was bouncing baby boy, adventurous and playful. Still the adventurous and playful one, the baby is gone, grown into BOY. I love my boy.
Affectionate, funny, headstrong, sensitive, wild, gentle, silly.

I watch him and am overwhelmed sometimes, that God has given me the amazing responsibility of raising him. The responsibility of teaching him to love and protect his sisters, be kind to his friends, polite and courteous to adults. To instill into him values that make for not only success, but true peace and joy no matter what life brings.
This boy, who made (and continues to make!) me a mother.
I have this intense desire to protect him, and my heart sometimes aches at the thought of him hurting, or questioning, or seeing injustice.
But this mummy can't protect him forever. Just hope that what he's learnt, the stability of knowing who he is, Who loves him, will get him through all those things.

There's nothing in this world like being a mother. A celebration of life and seasons gone, and those yet to come!


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